Why You Should Install Wooden Window Shutters


Do you want your house to look perfect inside-out? If so, installing wood shutters as coverings for the exterior window panels would work. Exterior wood shutters not just make your house look attractive from the outside, but also protect it against extreme weather conditions.

Installing wooden window shutters instead of PVC shutters is a good choice if you want a custom exterior look. Such installation will lend a fresh new look to your house. Wooden shutters are durable and can be repainted with your preferred colors as and when required. However, before you set out to buy Shuttercraft/Winchester exterior wood shutters, there are a number of things you should know. These include:

1. Wooden Window Shutters are Growing in Popularity
Exterior wood panels are evergreen and are bound to continue growing in popularity. Exterior panel shutter have characteristics of European style architecture and look best if made of cedar wood. Cedar panels can withstand harsh weather and hence last longer. The panels also look ornate, even without a coat of paint on them

Though you can choose raised, flat or recessed wooden panels, the flat version are the most popular. When you want to install wooden shutters, it’s best to get an expert to help you. The mortising, gluing and stapling should be done under supervision of an expert installer for perfect results.

2. Hurricane Shutters are in High Demand
Available in different brands, the hurricane shutters are so popular because they combine the best of both worlds. The shutters protect the house from rains and extreme heat while appearing splendid at the same time. These are some of the reasons why the shutters are most widespread in area across the country that are prone to heavy rains.

Hurricane shutters find maximum usability in regions prone to extreme storms. The structure of the shutters makes them withstand the impact of hurricanes and storms easily.

3. Louvered Shutters are Multipurpose
Louvers are popular in the exterior shutters near me niche. Houses built in regions prone to winds and snows do not have an alternative to using louvered shutters. The shutters are installed with small gaps between slats on frames. The ventilation they offer is also impressive. Many plush houses around the country have louvered shutters. The flexibility associated with the shutters is their biggest benefit. The variety available in panel configurations and louver widths is impressive and if used aesthetically, these can complement the interior extravagance of the swankiest of houses in a perfect manner.

Other details can be accessed at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/03/impactful-window-coverings_n_4718855.html .


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